Dehumanizing Erasure Rewriting Program

D.E.R.P. is an organization that takes low-class organics and turns them into service bots for the middle- and upper-classes. No one really knows who is behind D.E.R.P...
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 Lovino Romano Vargas - South Italy { WIP }

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Lovino Romano Vargas - South Italy { WIP } Empty
PostSubject: Lovino Romano Vargas - South Italy { WIP }   Lovino Romano Vargas - South Italy { WIP } I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2011 10:31 pm


Lovino Romano Vargas - South Italy { WIP } 120hzjt


Assigned Name: Romano
Actual Name: Lovino Vargas
Physical Age: 18
Country of Origin: Italy
Creation Date: March 17
Model: F.A.C.U. Enviro - "Special Model No. 546”

Romano is of average height, with olive-toned skin and sharp features. His auburn-brown hair frames sharp cheekbones, upturned eyebrows accenting almost unnaturally large gold-amber eyes. An upturned nose (narrow, almost pointed) and semi-full shell-pink lips complete his face. His shoulders are narrow, his waistline and hips almost feminine. There are faint lines on his brow from scowling that plastic surgery could not remove, as well as an odd curl bobbing from his hair.

His body is lithe, with slim musculature. His hands are long-fingered and frail, with slim wrists that seem fragile but are reinforced with a more solid bone structure.

His barcode is on the back of his neck, just under his hairline. His hair is long enough to cover it. He must also be charged- his cord retracts into a compartment that seals seamlessly into his lower back. It is usually covered by clothing, but is visible (only slightly) to the naked eye.

[x] Gardening
[x] Sketching; While human, he desperately wished he was as talented at art as his (estranged) younger brother. While Feliciano was talented in most mediums, Romano is only talented in sketching.
[x] Singing; Yet another skill his brother was more talented at than him, Romano’s voice is nonetheless pleasantly high and youthful.
[x] Cooking; He favors tomatoes, and will prepare them with any meal unless instructed to otherwise. As a model that was created to excel in art forms, Romano is considerably talented with both the presentation and the preparation of food.
[x] Sleeping

[x] Loud noises; being specially designed for art, his ears are somewhat more attuned to noises than other models, thus, they are more sensitive.
[x] Scary people
[x] Bad food; he's been designed to be able to consume food (if not use it for energy; he must still charge), and he cannot stand the taste of nasty food.
[x] Alcohol; despite being unable to use food/drink as sustenance, the alcohol in alcoholic beverages can make him malfunction and otherwise "be ill".
[x] Dark areas
[x] Physical touch/contact; his skin had originally been designed to be sensitive at the fingers, to better assist with crafting artwork; however, there was a design flaw that left areas of his body (his scalp, his hands, his sides) hyper-sensitive to touch.


Personality: (At least two paragraphs)

Romano, before his change to a bot, if one were to describe him in one word, was an asshole. But only to the people he hated, which could very well have been the world's entire population. Otherwise, he was just awkward and a little… mean? He pretended to hate quite a few people, mainly because of his social status.

He loved flirting with pretty girls and thoroughly enjoyed looking at, talking to, and otherwise being near them. Men? Not so much. At all. Romano would vehemently deny any sort of affection he might have for another male.

Romano also enjoyed siestas. He would fall asleep promptly at one p.m. and not wake up fully until after three p.m., regardless of what he might have been doing. He would bitch incessantly at anyone who dares to wake him, excluding a select few people he was familiar with.

But, since his reprogram, Romano has become slightly more user-friendly. He does not use foul language towards his owner, and nor does his flirt with anyone other than his owner. However, he still requires charging between the hours of one and three pm, for around thirty to forty minutes.

Romano only responds to his model name- "Romano" - and not pet names unless programmed into him by his owner.

Despite his reprogramming, Romano remains hostile towards those not of the female gender, except for his owner. He does not respond well to people interrupting him while he is working.

History: (At least two paragraphs)

RP Sample: (At least 150 words)

:ooc information:

Name: Jessie (Fridays, alternatively)
Age: 17
Time Zone (GMT +/-): GMT -5
Experience: RPed both Spain and South Italy on a site called Inksome for a little under a year, RPed Lovino on LJ for a little under a year, managed three roleplaying sites (two Livejournal, one forummotion) for several months; RPed France, Spain, Netherlands, South Italy on several proboards sites (ex. Littleglassvials, war_and_peace). Writes fanfiction (Spamano, FrUK) on and Livejournal.
Contact Information: You can email me at or reach me through MSN at ; you can also reach me on Livejournal at distantfridays.
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Lovino Romano Vargas - South Italy { WIP }
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