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D.E.R.P. is an organization that takes low-class organics and turns them into service bots for the middle- and upper-classes. No one really knows who is behind D.E.R.P...
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 Alice - England (Female)

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Alice Tudor

Alice Tudor

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PostSubject: Alice - England (Female)   Alice - England (Female) I_icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 2:00 pm


Alice - England (Female) 28ho5l5


Assigned Name: “Alice Tudor”
Actual Name: Elizabeth Crowley
Physical Age: 19
Country of Origin: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Creation Date: November 17
Model: F.A.C.U. Enviro

Appearance: The first thing most people notice about Alice is the intense green of her eyes, often hidden behind thin wire frame glasses that she obviously doesn’t need, but has grown used to wearing. She has very long strawberry blonde hair, and keeps it up in two pigtails, using bows to secure them in place. She is slender and a little on the short side, standing at five foot two. Her serial number, 103628, can be seen behind her right ear, conforming to her hairline. Her on/off switch is located in a peculiar spot, on the bottom swell of her left breast. The logo between her shoulder blades is a curious design, it is that of the crowned Tudor rose.

[x] Sewing
[x] Cleaning
[x] Gardening
[x] Follows orders well
[x] Easily retains knowledge

[x] Has trouble downloading languages
[x] Getting along with others
[x] Cooking
[x] Acting ladylike
[x] Sloppy handwriting


Personality: Alice is reliable, hardworking and a complete grouch. She does not get along well with others and will seek out spaces where she can be alone. However, once someone moves past her grouchy, disapproving exterior, they can find a completely different bot inside. One that is loyal and can be very sweet to her closer companions, given the proper time to know them.

She has a slight obsession with keeping everything around her clean and orderly, and will even start straightening up knick-knacks in houses that do not belong to her owner. Alice is very easily appeased with flowers and gardens, and has been known to vanish from orders to spend time in a beautiful garden. Other than a garden, though, nothing short of the end of the world can drag her away from finishing the orders that her owner has given her.

History: Alice started out her life as Elizabeth Crowley, affectionately referred to by her friends and family as “Bess”. She was raised in a poor household outside London, and saved what few bits of pocket change she could get until she was fifteen, whereupon she bought a plant ticket to Eishoff and informed her family that she was leaving to make her way in the world. She took a small suitcase with her, making sure that she had two things in it: her flower seeds, and her sewing kit. One of these, she knew, would help her get along, and, if she was very lucky, she’d strike it rich and be able to go home to her family and give them a more comfortable life.

As soon as Bess stepped foot on the soil of Eishoff, she knew that her visions of the place had been drastically different from the reality. She was surrounded by tough and shady individuals, men and women alike and found herself moving as fast as she could through this particular sector. Finally, she ducked into a small boutique in a much nicer neighborhood, intent on asking the owner if he knew of any places to live. When he told her that he was renting out his upstairs apartment, Bess couldn’t believe her luck and immediately offered to rent it. The older man agreed quickly, and explained to her the different sectors of Eishoff, revealing that she had been dropped off in the Southern Sector, and had hiked her way through to the Eastern Sector. She breathed a sigh of relief at that and had moved in immediately.

The owner of the boutique had been pleasantly surprised to learn of Bess’s talent for sewing and offered her a job as his only shop girl. If there was one thing Bess would never be able to believe, it was the amount of luck she had encountered upon ducking into that shop.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have as much luck as she thought she did. Late one night, she left the boutique for the nearby store, taking her normal shortcut, when she found herself being grabbed from behind. Immediately, she let out a long scream and started struggle, only to receive a harsh blow to the back of her head and faint. The last thing she would see as Bess Crowley was her purse spilled out across the wet concrete of the alleyway.

When her eyes flickered open again, there was a man before her, the owner of a small boutique in the Easter Sector who had saved up enough money to purchase a bot to help him as a shop girl. She called herself ‘Alice Tudor’ and was mildly confused whenever he’d slip and call her Bess. She served him contentedly for a few years, until he came in, upset, with horrible news.

His boutique had been bought out.

RP Sample: Alice sat on the counter of her owner’s boutique with an even expression on her face as he adjusted the tie she wore with her normal uniform.

“Oh, come now, sweetheart. It’s not so bad.” He crooned to her, reaching up to fluff one of the bows on her pigtails. “I’m sure this new owner will be just as good to you as I was. Let me see your hands.”

She raised her hands obligingly, letting him fret over the dirt under her nails. “My apologies, sir. I was straightening the window box upstairs before you came.” Green eyes flickered down behind wire frames to watch him flick out a pocket knife and clean out the dirt.

“There, there, no harm done.” He patted her thigh on bare bit of it, releasing her hands. “Now you look all pretty for your new owner. He’ll be pleased with you.” He walked out of the boutique slowly, keeping his eyes on her until the door shut in front of him.

Alice looked down at her lap, tugging the skirt down a bit until she heard the little bell tinkle over the door. She granted the man standing there one of her small smiles. “Good afternoon, sir. I’m Alice Tudor.”

:ooc information:

Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Time Zone (GMT +/-): GMT – 6:00
- Canada – Over a year; one on one and group roleplay
- Prussia – Over a year; mostly one on one
- Austria – About six months; all one on one
- Liechtenstein – Barely a month; group roleplay
- England – About a year; one on one and group roleplay
Contact Information:
Skype – sarah.jean.snow
AIM – fitzsexbombdarcy
TextNow – (267)571-7482
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PostSubject: Re: Alice - England (Female)   Alice - England (Female) I_icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 7:32 pm

Good work~ So, you've got your third character now?

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Alice - England (Female)
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